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I am a full time mummy to an amazing but tiring little toddler of 19mths. We live with faithful daddy, and our 2 cats and 1 puppy. I also work part time as a nurse, and predominately work with children with learning disabilities. I am interested in losing weight, dieting and fitness, and have managed to lose 2 stone since May 2011. I also enjoy reviewing products, especially within the children and weight loss areas.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Weekly update 02/11/11

Mixed emotions.
Well this weeks weigh in was a mixed bag of emotions.  I did my traditional step on the scales before leaving for the weigh in (why do we do this? its not going to change my weigh in, nor even stop me going to my weigh in, as regardless of what it says I still always go) anyway, I had only maintained.  Well, that should be a positive thing, i.e. I havent gained.  It wasnt.  I had a tiny bit of a huff (read: huge strop) as I have been working really hard this week.  So arrived at the class, not impressed, to get on the scales and I have lost 1.5lb.  Shocked is not the word.  I went from depressed to happy in seconds.
I also had my body fat percentage checked, 34.3%, the normal range is between 21.0-32.9% so Im not that far off a normal body fat percentage.
I have also worked out that I need to lose another 3lb and I will of lost my 3rd stone.  Very happy with this...
Last week, I aimed to wear my hot pants for at least 30mins per day, I have managed 1x aerobics 3x 30 min dog walks, 1x bums, legs and tums, 1x circuit training and 1x core conditioning.  I have booked into bums, legs and tums, cardio blast, boxfit, bootcamp, step and tone and finally a personal training session in the next week, wearing my hot pants for them all, before doing my review.
I also wanted to behave at a meal out.  I did, I didnt fancy any starters, so didnt bother.  I had a slightly naughty main course (Japanese Katsu curry, with rice and chips) but then even though there was my favourite desserts, I chose not to have one, as I was full.  So all in all Im very proud of myself...
This week, as well as doing all the above planned exercises and sticking to the diet, I also am adding in 40 full sit ups per day.  This is after I have decided my beloved pouch (my lower belly flabby area) needs to go, and this is my first step (more will be added later).

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