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I am a full time mummy to an amazing but tiring little toddler of 19mths. We live with faithful daddy, and our 2 cats and 1 puppy. I also work part time as a nurse, and predominately work with children with learning disabilities. I am interested in losing weight, dieting and fitness, and have managed to lose 2 stone since May 2011. I also enjoy reviewing products, especially within the children and weight loss areas.

Monday, 7 November 2011

One of the many firsts...

Well, today was mini-faithfuls first full (well 9-3!) day at nursery.  I thought I was going to be fine with this, we have spent months deciding whether we wanted her to go to a nursery or a childminders, then looked round serval possibles before making our final decision.  Last week, we went and had her settling in sessions, she loved it, I was happy with the staff, and I even left her there for an hour.  We had this week all planned, faithful-daddy had no meetings on, as works 5 minutes away, so could be on hand should she need it.  I was off work, so could collect her if needed.  Yet leaving her there, going back to an empty (well  nearly empty, still had the dog and cats) house was hard.
I had sit on my hands to stop me calling them every 2 minutes to check on her. Im amazed at my restraint, I called them once (in 6hrs I think thats impressive) and she was doing fine.
When I collected her, she was happy to see me, had managed to sleep for an hour (not bad for her first time there) and only took 20 minutes to get to sleep, which is a small miracle considering the weekends screaming arguments over sleep.  She ate reasonably well, she had fun, she wants to go again tomorrow (which is lucky as she is going for a long day tomorrow, 8.30-5.30!)
I have everything crossed that tomorrows day goes as well, and that maybe I find time to finish the cleaning, as well as going to the gym!

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