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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Making Fireworks!

Well toddler style...  With loo rolls, tissue paper and glue...

What you need:
Kitchen roll tubes cut in half or empty loo rolls
Black paint
Tissue paper
Black Card
Sticky tape

What we did:
First of all we painted the rockets black. Then while they were wet we covered them in glitter to make them sparkle, before allowing them to dry.

Then we added stickers, we used some glittery star stickers for ours.

We then (using a stacking cup as a template) cut out a circle, with a cut into the centre to make the top of the firework.  Before sticking this in place on the rocket, we added the thread so that we could hang the fireworks up when finished.


Once the top of the firework had been added, we ripped some tissue paper into strips (I think this was mini-faithfuls favourite bit) before adding some glue to the inside, bottom of the rocket and sticking the tissue paper in.

I made 4 to stick up at the window, as floating fireworks, but left two without thread so that mini-faithful could play 'flying' with them....

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