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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Poppy pictures

This is or second poppy related craft for this week.  Mini-faithful adores sticking, so I thought this would make a great poppy picture for Remembrance day tomorrow.

What you need:
White card or paper
Red tissue paper
Green card
Black card
Glue stick

What we did:
First of all, I cut big circles out of the red tissue paper, small ones out of the black card and leaf shapes out of the green card.  Older children (or ones who can be trusted with scissors can help cut the shapes out, mini-faithful is not one of them)

First of all we covered one side of the green leaf with glue (mini-faithfuls favourite part)

Then stick down on the paper, before adding a small amount of glue to the base of the leaf.

Next stick down the red circle of tissue paper, before sticking and adding the black circle to the middle.

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