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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

5 a day habit- week 3

Well I cant believe it is that time of the week again.  This weeks theme for our books, is moving.  Mainly ones that get mini-faithful and usually me as well, moving.  There is one exception, but we do move along when we read it and its one of mini-faithfuls first books, and I love it....

First book this week is: Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.  This book is simple, and shows you the moves to the traditional song.  Faith loves this song and the book as well.

Our second book is: Monkey and me. We love this book, we use not only does it have a lovely pictures of animals it also shows you some moves those animals make, we then spend some time making those moves round the room.

The third book this week is: Animal Boogie. I first used this book at work, and knew instantly mini-faithful would love it.  Although it does cheat as it has a CD to help you sing the words.  But its a great book for getting you moving...

The fourth book is: Giraffes cant dance! This is a lovely book, that doesnt get you moving, but is about a dancing giraffe.  This is one of my favourite books to read to mini-faithful, we have been reading this book together since she was a month old.  Its a lovely story.

The final book is: Doing the Animal Bop! This is a lovely book, with great rhymes.  It gives you actions and noises to make so you look like the animals!

On a side note, why not pop along to Rainy Day Mums blog this week (find it here) as there is a competition to win a lovely recipe book....

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